The pillars of designing, programming, and developing e-commerce stores, and digital marketing

The infrastructure

The main infrastructure pillars:

  • Network resources and data centers.

  • Server and application software.

  • Databases and software development.

  • Domain name and hosting.

Online Store

Online store pillars:

  • E-Commerce Department.

  • Introductory and general information department.

  • Department of Commercial and Financial Operations.
  • Customer Service and Technical Support Department.

Store content.

Pillars of qualitative content:

  • Text, data and images.
  • Products and services.
  • Customer data.
  • Business process data.

Operational activities

Pillars of operational activities:

  • Client interaction and purchase stimulus.

  • Trading and sales orders.

  • Processing sales and delivery orders.
  • Manage inventory, shipping and taxes.

Search engines

Pillars of compatibility with search engines:

  • Speed and performance.

  • Teach robots what to read.

  • Deep integration with search engine.
  • Analyze, monitor and modify.

Digital marketing

The pillars of digital marketing for an online store:

  • Prepare digital marketing plans.

  • Spreading brand awareness.

  • Targeted ads for sale.
  • Marketing calibration to improve performance.

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